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Over the past few weeks I’ve been dragging around for a few days wanting nothing but sleep but not giving in, then changing to feeling fine.  Another few days I’d have chest pain.  I’ve been having pain as if I have a bad gallbladder but that was taken out 7 years ago.  What gives?  I haven’t felt anxious, I only felt depressed 4 days in these past few weeks, no mixed moods.  For the most part, my moods have been stable/normal.

Recently, my internist put me on an allergy med and supplements–that’s when I ended up feeling worse.  I stopped the supplements and felt better.  I started them again and the sleepiness/fatigue kicked in again, my upper right abdomen started hurting more, etc.  I asked my internist/family doctor if these new supplements and allergy med would interact with the buproprion (wellbutrin), conazepam (Klonipin), seroquel for bipolar disorder.  I also asked about interactions with prazosin (alternate use med for PTSD nightmares). “No, no and no”.  So what’s going on.  Since taking psychiatric meds I’ve gained too much weight, my cholesterol has gone sky high (for which I have to take simvastatin), I have 2 heart valves  damaged, and a cardiologist thinks I may have had a TIA when I was in the hospital for spinal nerve impingements with excruciating pain–for that I was also given steroids, hydromorphone which made me deathly ill, changed to opioids, etc. while thy still had me on the psych meds.  It’s no wonder I had the TIA on the day I was supposed to be released–I suddenly couldn’t speak right, everything I said during my exit interview was garbled and the whole hospital floor was put on Stroke Alert.  Thankfully the incident passed without any residual effects.  I went home the following day.


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