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One of the side effects of my 3 different psych meds is weight gain—all 3 of them.  As each med was added my weight rose.  I don’t eat any differently than before all the weight gain. I’m told by my family doctor and by much of what I’ve researched that each one of these meds have a tendency to slow the metabolism in many people thereby causing one’s weight to rise.  I know from talking to other folks taking these or similar meds that I’m not alone in this problem.

There was one medication in particular that shot my weight up and when I insisted that my psychiatrist take me off it, I lost 22 pounds.  So now my dilemma is how do I lose the rest of the weight?  I can’t stop my meds because they are working.   I’ve tried lots of others but only these work.  I’ve decided to try cutting out all foods with sugar.   That’s really hard to do since just about everything except unprocessed meat and produce has sugar content.  So I’m reading labels and if sugar is the fifth or sixth ingredient or more on the ingredients list, then I can have it.  Anything saying sugar, maltodextrin, sucrose or anything else ending in “ose” is forbidden unless it’s way down on the list.  It’s tricky because even the things marked sugar free still have another form of sugar in them.  Check out the ingredients on a pack of sugar free gum.  So as soon as our house guests leave, I’m on a mission.

What do I want to gain from this?  Nothing   This is one battle where losing is winning… and I want to win.


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